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Our therapeutic relationship is based upon confidentiality, mutual trust, respect and compassion. When it is important to confront issues it happens mindfully, supportively and honesty. Sometimes treatment lasts for a few sessions and sometimes it lasts for longer periods of time depending upon your goals, intentions, and progress.  I am here as your guide teaching you new tools and helping you develop healthy strong skills to live more contented fulfilled lives. 

Energy psychology refers to an array of mind/body methodologies that are clinically observed to assist, often quite rapidly, with a wide range of psychological, physical and emotional conditions. These therapies work on what Albert Einstein called the “subtle energy” systems of the body, and facilitate deeply meaningful shifts in unproductive belief structures, cognitions and emotions.  The process I use in the energetic work is non-invasive and supports the body’s ability to heal.  I work with the luminous energy field (the “invisible” electromagnetic field surrounding the physical body) and the chakra system. This process transforms the dense physical, emotional and mental imprints associated with trauma into nourishing life energy.

Energy Psychology

Child and Adolescent Therapy

My treatment of young people is based upon building strong loving relationships between myself and your children. The work often focuses upon increasing self-confidence and self esteem, and creating healthy coping skills which leads to making healthy choices in life. My extensive background in neuropsychology also allows me have an understanding of learning and school issues if they are present.

Children and adolescents have special needs in therapy and frequently require more creative activity in sessions to achieve success. The adult one-to-one model of an hour of verbal interaction is not as effective as interspersing the session with therapeutic play.  Often during such activity children and adolescents communicate their needs and feelings more directly and deeply. 

Neither children nor parents are born with manuals! Parents at times beat themselves up for not being perfect. Children and adolescents often want to connect but instead act out or push parents away because they don’t know how to get their needs met effectively. I am experienced and trained in working with children and adolescents who are experiencing attachment struggles, issues relating to traumatic events, as well as grief and loss related to divorce or other family losses.  Sometimes in therapy it is important to have family sessions so understanding between parents and children occur. During these times new healthy strategies and structures are negotiated to enhance overall family function.

In individual counseling or therapy you meet with me for sixty minutes.  We initially identify your level of anxiety, depression, and life issues.  We assess your relationships, behavioral patterns and strategies, and your intentions for the work. Based upon all of this we develop a treatment plan to meet your goals.  

Individual Therapy

Dr. Jonathan Cohen

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