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​​Sacred Journeys Counseling 

Feeling distance between you and your partner?
Has there been an increase in arguing?

Would you like more affection and intimacy in your relationship?
Has there been increase in anger and/or sarcasm?
Are you feeling distrust or suspicion towards your mate?
Your relationship is satisfactory and you want to take it to a deeper level of connection?

Experiencing challenges within relationship is normal. However, when persistent patterns of conflict happen over time which go unaddressed or unresolved, unspoken feelings and hurts can become magnified and entrenched. The energy can get stuck, with members of the couple building walls of protection, often leading to a reduction of intimacy and meaningful loving connection. While these defensive postures are created to keep couples ‘safe’, they tend to promote inauthentic unhealthy behaviors ranging from isolation to aggression.

In couples therapy we identify the walls, explore their sources, and clear the energy that keeps couples locked into these destructive dances. Couples gain compassionate insight into their own contributions and their partner’s contributions to the old pattern. They are taught how to take responsibility for their role in it and how to make the necessary shifts. Original agreements made between partners are unearthed and then updated to serve current needs. 

I conduct most couples sessions in partnership with my insightful wife Shari, another certified therapist. Together we offer a huge range of creative, practical and energetic solutions to couples looking to enhance or rehabilitate their key relationships. By combining our collective wisdom and expertise we help couples manifest their vision for truly loving empowered sacred relationship. Most of these sessions last 2 hours and we find that couples frequently need only one session or less per month.

Couples Therapy

Dr. Jonathan Cohen