Dr. Jonathan Cohen

Dr. Jonathan Cohen received his Masters in Counseling in 1975 and his doctorate in Psychology in 1985.  He education is broad and includes international training ranging from Jungian psychology in Switzerland to training with native healers in the jungles and mountains of Peru. His post doctoral national training ranges from neuropsychological assessment to Ericksonian hypnotherapy.  

Dr. Cohen has completed years of men's work and is a leader emeritus in the Mankind Project, an organization which provides men's growth weekends.  When he was an active co-leader he was invited nationally and internationally to help lead these weekends. Over the past ten years Dr. Cohen has led many growth workshops for both men and women here in PA.

After his oldest son served two tours in Iraq, Dr. Cohen teamed up with another man to bring the veterans healing program called Vets Journey Home to Pennsylvania. He has staffed a number of those weekends which are geared to help heal the trauma of men and women veterans.  He has also had experience in sports psychology and worked as an educational specialist and counselor with the Temple University basketball team from 1980-1993.

Dr. Cohen teams up with his wife Shari Landau, a board certified art psychotherapist and trauma specialist, to work with couples and families.

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As a result of his many years of training and experience Dr. Cohen uses his expertise and extensive resources to meet your individual needs.

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